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Welcome to Growing Evyrgreen!

A podcast following Tami and Tara as they fail, flail, succeed, and grow their business, Evyrgreen.

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Episode 5: How to Start a Course

As you know by now, our game is online courses. In this episode we're going to tell you all about what goes into starting a course.

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Episode 5: Let's finish this properly: Who is Tara Holmes? 

Podcast was interrupted last time.

Tami and Tara

Episode 4: Who is Tara Holmes?

In this episode you'll learn all about Tara Holmes!

Tami & Joe

Episode 3: Joe + Tami

This episode was first recorded in November 2019 and focuses on Tami and Joe's experiences running both Ajax Union and trying to grow Evyrgreen.

Tami and Tara

Episode 2: Ajax Union

In this episode, Tami tells us about the company at which she is President, Ajax Union.

Tami and Tara

Episode 1: Start Here!

In this episode we talk about HOW and WHY Evyrgreen began as well as walk you through an amazing company culture cultivating tool: The Company Dashboard!



Who Are We?

Get to know a little more about your hosts.

Tami Joy Schlichter

Tami is a data scientist with a PhD in Mathematical Neuroscience from the University of California, Davis. She is the President of the digital marketing agency, Ajax Union, and is a dot-connecting, lightbulb-moment-having integrator and master problem solver whose super power is UNDERSTANDING. When Tami is not building companies and creating courses she is watching the sunset with her fluffy, white Samoyed, Basil.

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Tara Holmes

Tara Holmes is an academic earning her degree in women’s gender and sexuality studies from Stony Brook University. She is the business manager of Evyrgreen, and is a critical thinking, versatile, hungry, intelligent, achiever whose strength lies in her balance of her competition and positivity strengths. She is passionate about horror movies, making Halloween her favorite holiday.

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