We help you generate leads & referrals on LinkedIn, network online and in person, close deals, and achieve your goals.
We hold you accountable throughout it all and have opportunities for you to earn with us.

What's Included In This Course?

Lifetime Access to 9 Training Modules

Videos that you can access for a lifetime, each with their own training video and framework. Dive deeper below...



Clarity with business, marketing, & LinkedIn plans. Discover your ideal client persona, value proposition, & perfect messaging.

Module 1: Plan

Create an easy business plan, marketing plan, and LinkedIn plan.

Module 2: People

Define your target market, so you know exactly who you want to talk to on LinkedIn. 

Module 3: Promise

Clarify your offering, so you know exactly what you are offering your network on LinkedIn.


Identify your personal stories, create an all-star profile, and leverage the right dashboards to track your success.

Module 4: Story

Look back at your history to pull out relevant stories to post about on LinkedIn.

Module 5: Profile

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to 10x your engagement from profile views!

Module 6: Dashboard

Set up dashboards to set you up for daily success on LinkedIn. With these dashboards, you'll only have to spend 15 minutes per day on LinkedIn.


Learn how to post, engage, and message strategically to generate leads and referrals.

Module 7: Postin'

Most people are afraid to post because they don’t want to be annoying, but posting is the lifeblood of LinkedIn.

Module 8: Engagin'

Learn how to leverage the organic reach available on LinkedIn. Engaging is easy—the key is to keep it natural.

Module 9: Messagin'

Direct messaging is about relationship building; the right messages get people excited instead of annoyed.

"Closed another deal yesterday. That’s 3 since I started with Evyrgreen Networking 1 week ago!"

Jeff Giorgi
Founder, Digital Marketing Distractions

If you KNOW you are destined for massive success, you're willing to take sustained, continuous action, remain accountable, and participate in an engaged community...


Then we have the perfect system of proven strategies, frameworks, and coaching to help you reach your goals faster.

You'll experience dynamic growth AND build a stronger network of engaged and supportive colleagues along the way!



No matter where you are on the ladder of success, we will help you move up to the next level—whether you're a dreamer and you're not taking action; you're a worker and you're spinning your wheels; you're an achiever and you're busy with the urgent over important—we will help you become an influencer and be consistent with your success.

Get Started Today

This course will change the way that you use LinkedIn for networking and sales. Instead of waiting for people to come to you and hoping for the best, you will have the strategy, assets, and accountability, to be consistent with your social marketing efforts.

"My initial LinkedIn strategy was not working, but after coaching from Joe and Tami, I have seen immediate and unexpectedly amazing results. I was excited to see that! "

Liz Capants
CEO & President, EBC Associates, LLC

LinkedIn is only getting more complicated and more crowded

This is why you need a system NOW

Bonuses for Signing Up

Watch this video that gives you the ins and outs of basic functioning on LinkedIn, so you can hit the ground running!

Is LinkedIn premium worth it? Watch this video to get the answers to all your questions so you can decide for yourself. 

A key element of your profile is your recommendations section. Watch this video to learn how to request recommendations from your network.

Learn how to use your company's LinkedIn page in addition to your personal LinkedIn page. 

Who should you accept as a connection on LinkedIn? Watch this video to find out.

Eye-catching visuals are key to creating engaging LinkedIn content. Watch this video to learn how to use Canva, the easiest high-end design tool to ever exist!

Do you have Sales Navigator? Watch this video to learn how to maximize your investment.

Watch this video to further your education on how to utilize sales navigator. 

Learn how to search for specific accounts inside Sales Navigator.


Here is a list of professions and categories of people that will benefit most from Evyrgreen Networking

  • Sales professionals and sales leaders
  • Business development managers and executives
  • B2B business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Vistage chairs and members
  • C-suite executives
  • Professional service advisors
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Speakers and authors
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Event managers and event planners
  • Business advisors
  • Real estate agents and mortgage brokers

Anyone who wants to generate leads and clients using LinkedIn



"I was skeptical. I watched a webinar, thinking I wouldn't join the course. Then, I was blown away. This is one of THE BEST LinkedIn training tools that are out there right now. Not only their methodology, but also their enthusiasm, and the purpose that they bring to it. They make it extremely accessible and give everyone personal attention. If you have fears around 'can I do this,' this course will get you off the couch and in to the arena. By the way, I am a LinkedIn Trainer! I am a LinkedIn expert, and I am STILL learning things in this course, and that is what blows me away."

Judi Hays 
Transforming how Logistics Companies master LinkedIn for Social Selling

"Evyrgreen Networking allows me to get real results from LinkedIn. More views, more engagement, more prospects. I have the coaching I need, I have the strategies and frameworks. This is a great resource for anyone that wants advanced LinkedIn strategies that are easy to implement in 15 minutes a day. "

Renee Wengrofsky
Accounting Consultant, JSN Consultants LLC

"Do you want to learn how to leverage the power of Linkedin for your business? If so, Joe is the man. For the past week, I have been watching Joe's Evyrgreen Networking video tutorials, and I am deeply impressed with his insights and expertise. I have tried other Linkedin training programs, but after watching his Brandin', Buildin', and Boomin' approach, I really wish I had known about Joe a year ago before I dumped $1,997 on a competitor's training program.

Joe's program is not only detailed, but he clearly practices what he preaches. His insights and ideas clearly come from experience. I'm really glad I watched Joe's webinar if you have a chance, I highly recommend you do so as well, and then go sign up at evyrgreen.com so you can start putting Joe's genius to work.

Thanks Joe!"

Bryon McCartney
Principal Creative Strategist

"Love this. Amazing value for the money. "

Michael Knysok
Owner and Co-Founder, Dealers League

"The Evyrgreen Networking course is the best resource for leveraging LinkedIn to generate targeted business leads! I highly recommend!"

Liz Capants
Founder & President, EBC Associates

"There is so much more than meets the eye... When I joined I thought I knew LinkedIn. I am learning something new each time there is a coaching session. This course is #GOLD. "

Matthew Silverman, MBA
Chief Optimizer, Silver Optimize

"This course is just AWESOME! It was a complete U-Turn from everything I was doing on LinkedIn! The course has 10x more value than you could expect, PLUS it's surrounded by an AWESOME community! Happy I decided to join! "

Michael Ramos
Founder, Crimson Tail

"Closed another deal yesterday. That’s 3 since I started with Evyrgreen Networking 1 week ago!"

Jeff Giorgi
Founder, Digital Marketing Distractions

"Lightbulb moment for me: As I was posting today, I wanted to tag some people. That's when Joe talking about having your top 150 connections and the connections dashboard made sense for me! I don't tag people because I can't remember all the people I should tag. With a connections dashboard and my list of people I want to be active with, I won't forget and can easily tag people. Thanks Joe. The light is slowly dawning."

Philip Griffith
Professional Photo Organizer, PSG Photo Solutions

"After one month of the Evyrgreen Networking System, I had a post go absolutely VIRAL on LinkedIn—over 1 million views, shares, comments. My connection requests went from 1 to 500 in a day, my DMs blew up, and, here's the important part: I got a few dozen hot leads from this viral post! This all came from having a tailored LinkedIn strategy created in the Evyrgreen Networking course. Highly recommend!"

Jeff Keim
Quantum Leap Coach, Speaker, Author

"When you join the Evyrgreen Networking Community, you join a group of people who are like-minded and support each other. You have amazing coaches who help you excel and guide you to get what you want out of LinkedIn."

Tania Friedlander
Certified Life Coach specializing in Female Lawyers

"I was skeptical. I watched a webinar, thinking I wouldn't join the course. Then, I was blown away. This is one of THE BEST LinkedIn training tools that are out there right now. Not only their methodology, but also their enthusiasm, and the purpose that they bring to it. They make it extremely accessible and give everyone personal attention. If you have fears around 'can I do this,' this course will get you off the couch and in to the arena. By the way, I am a LinkedIn Trainer! I am a LinkedIn expert, and I am STILL learning things in this course, and that is what blows me away."

Judi Hays
Transforming how Logistics Companies master LinkedIn for Social Selling

"I did the Brandin' section before the weekend. WOW!!!!! I thought I was focused, now I'm laser focused!"

Olga Kirshenbaum
Financial Coach & Owner, Rags to Riches Consulting

"I love their style of teaching, it's quite refreshing. Thanks for encouraging business owners to use their strengths and include stories! Super stoked to use your knowledge on LinkedIn."

Nedra Rezinas
Web Design Firm Owner, Veritas Web Design

"Joe and Tami, I just want to THANK YOU for the Evyrgreen Networking LinkedIn Foundations course. I just finished the training modules last week and I’ll tell you that it’s incredibly thorough and comprehensive. I’ve done a couple of other LinkedIn trainings and they don’t compare to what you’ve put together here! I am looking forward to putting this into practice in my Insurance brokerage and creating more referrals and sales for my business."

Gordon Coyle
CEO, The Coyle Group


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have lifetime access to the course videos, frameworks, dashboards, checklists, and cheatsheets. 

If you sign up for coaching, you have access to all coaching session recordings, all webinar recordings, and bi-monthly coaching for as long as you are subscribed to the coaching sessions. 

LinkedIn is about networking, not selling directly. Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and colleagues can refer you to people in their networks that may be your ideal clients.

Do you network outside of LinkedIn? If so, LinkedIn is CRUCIAL to maintaining your progress.

The course is self-paced.

We guide you through it in 15 minutes per day. If that is the amount of time you want to spend on it per day, we will guide you through it at that pace and it will take about 3 months.

But of course you can go faster or slower and you can skip around.

We had a client that close a $75,000 deal in the first four weeks. We had a LinkedIn trainer who took our course to learn about LinkedIn so she can sell it to her clients. And she closed three, $6,000 a month accounts in six weeks. So within the first month we're going to teach you a process to go through your connections so you can recognize, strategize and prioritize, start getting on the phone with people and you're gonna end up closing business.

Even during a pandemic, Michael closed a $15,000 deal this week using the methods that we teach in the course. We know this works, but you have to take action and you have to be strategic.

If your connections have a need, they're going to buy from you. If they don't have a need, they'll refer you to someone who does. This course teaches you how to do this effectively.

The right strategy will save you a decade.

What is one new client worth to you? We teach you how to build genuine relationships with your network and generate leads and referrals on LinkedIn and in life forever. What you learn in the course is applicable to your entire career forever.

The best time to network is NOW. The second best time is any other time in the future. Networking is something you have to do continuously, forever.  If you ever need to know when to network, network now. And right now, there's no better time to use LinkedIn. 

Yes, all education is available online for free somewhere now. The benefit of taking a course is saving TIME.

People who pay, pay attention.

People who pay have more accountability.

It's worth it to make a small investment in yourself compared to the value that you're going to get out of these lessons.

We also give you something you cannot find on YouTube: Our proprietary checklists, frameworks, cheatsheets, and dashboards.

So yes, you can spend the next year trying to find all the information online for free, or take advantage of all that we've learned over the past decade because we put it into a simple course for you here.

We do not drip our content out; it is all available to you immediately.

If you sign up for coaching as well, don't miss our 2 monthly group coaching sessions per month! Get hands-on real-time answers to your questions and advice about your LinkedIn profile, activity, and strategy. 

In between coaching sessions you can contact us any time to get real-time support. 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

You can call us at 718-569-1026, but we do get a lot of spam calls (I'm sure you do, too!) so if we do not answer, email us!

You can email us at hello@evyrgreen.com and we will respond ASAP. If you need us to call you, tell us what you'd like to chat about and we'll set up a call with you if needed OR we'll send you the answer!

You can see a replay of the most recent webinar at learn.evyrgreen.com/webinarreplay.

This course is in no way authorized by, endorsed by, or affiliated with LinkedIn or its subsidiaries. All references to LinkedIn and other trademarked properties are used in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and are not meant to imply that this course is a LinkedIn product for advertising or other commercial purposes. 


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