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LinkedIn Foundations

Evyrgreen Networking

  • Course Videos, Worksheets, Dashboards, Scripts
  • LinkedIn Group and Facebook Pod
  • Continuing Education Sessions
  • All past coaching sessions
  • 24/7 support from LinkedIn experts
  • Bi-monthly live group coaching sessions

$6,997 (you earn $1,399.40)

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Allow me to introduce you to Evyrgreen Networking, they have the most effective course and training program on how to use LinkedIn to get more awareness, credibility and conversations with the right people that lead to revenue and more opportunities.

You can join the next live webinar here 

You can also watch their most recent webinar on demand here 

If you want to book a call with them, go here, but first you have to apply by answering a few questions then you can book a call.

Check out Joe Apfelbaum's profile at if you want to see an impressive LinkedIn presence and read the hundreds of recommendations he has from happy clients. 

Feel free to mention my name and they will give you a free gift :) - Looking forward to seeing you in the program.

Evyrgreen Goal Setting

Evyrgreen Goal Setting

  • Goal Setting Course Videos
  • Goal Setting Worksheets and Handouts
  • Coaching session recordings

$997 (you earn $199.40)

Evyrgreen Goal Setting

Clubhouse Masterclass

  • Clubhouse Masterclass Videos
  • Scripts, Templates, and Dashboards
  • Detailed workbook to prepare statements and organize collaborations

$97 (you earn $19.40)

Evyrgreen Networking Webinars

Evyrgreen Networking Webinars

Promote our free webinars to your network using your affiliate link! If someone signs up for a course after they attended a webinar using your unique link, your affiliate commission will be tracked.

The Sales CURE

The Sales CURE

  • The Sales CURE training videos
  • The Sales CURE workbook with frameworks and script outlines.

$997 (you earn $199.40)

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