Evyrgreen Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Set SMART Goals

Learn the step by step method that you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

Most people that set goals do not reach them because they never learned the proven process to do so.

Join us as we educate business professionals on this proven method to set and achieve your goals.


What's Included In This Course?

LIFETIME ACCESS to 9 Training Modules

Videos that you can access for a lifetime, each with their own training video and framework for you to fill out as you continue to set and achieve goals.

Use these frameworks and modules each year as you re-calibrate and set your sights on ever higher goals!


Understand your values, issues, and life vision to ensure you are setting goals in line with your true self.

Module 1: Values

Discovering Your True Passions
Understanding Your Strengths
Your Agreements + Why Your Failures Matter

Module 2: Issues

Annual Review

Module 3: Vision

Commitments & Roles
Ideal Day
Words Exercise 
9 Whys



Clarify your dreams, refine your priorities, and develop a clear map for success.

Module 4: Dreams

Big Problems To Solve
Anything is possible
Bucket List
Won’t do list

Module 5: Perspective

BHAG, 40 years
BHAG, 10 years
BHAG, 3 years
One Year - 7 Goals Exercise - Photos

Module 6: Magnify

Process Goals Vs Product Goals
Stretch Goals, Sprint Goals, Step Goals
Top 3 Priorities - 90 Days


Define a realistic schedule, applying deep focus, and develop accountability.

Module 7: Schedule

Weekly Plan
Morning Routine
Ideal Day Routine
Sticking To Your Calendar
Eat That Frog
Gratitude & Most Important People 

Module 8: Focus

Brain dump & Clarity
Sacred Space
Focus Busters - How to Say No
Social Media Checking Strategy
Cell Phone Policy
Inbox Zero

Module 9: Accountability

Dashboards & KPIs
Mentors & Coaches
Sharing With Family and Friends
Top 5 People
Book List vs Information Diet
Recap Entire Course + 90 day Challenge

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Sales professionals and sales leaders
  • Business development managers and executives
  • B2B business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Vistage chairs and members
  • C-suite executives
  • Professional service advisors
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Speakers and authors
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Event managers and event planners
  • Business advisors
  • Real estate agents and mortgage brokers

Anyone who wants to set new goals and actually reach them.

Most people set goals and never achieve them

Why does that happen? Its not rocket science, most people waste their time procrastinating and hoping that things will get better SOMEDAY.

Well, Let me tell you something. I just looked at the calendar, and SOMEDAY does not exist in the calendar. Really, I checked!

Also, it is not your fault that you procrastinate, there are some simple elements missing to your goal setting strategy that totally throws you off base. No matter what goals you pick it will be hard to get traction if you do not get complete with the missing ingredients.

The best way to overcome FRUSTRATION is to see progress in your life. 

Goal Achieving Coaches

Joe Apfelbaum

has also accomplished some pretty amazing goals. Besides growing one of the fastest growing companies in the US and losing 95 pounds and keeping it off for many years, he also wrote a few books about how he did it. You know that Joe has a passion for helping people, he is on a mission to support 1000 hungry entrepreneurs go from frustration to MOJOVATION.

Tami Joy Schlichter

is the ultimate goal achiever. She is a data scientist who earned her Ph.D. in mathematical neuroscience in 2011 before leaving academia to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship. It takes a real goal achiever to build one of the biggest non-for profit organizations in the world of aerial dance and then become president of one of the fastest growing companies in the US.





What People are Saying

"The goal setting masterclass is unique and is a MUST for anyone on the journey of gaining MASTERY OVER ACHIEVING THEIR GOALS. Joe, takes you through an in-depth process of discovering what it takes to have goals that PRODUCE RESULTS in your life. Grab a pen, hydrate, and get into a PEAK ENERGY STATE, as this will be one ride worth taking."

Shea Schneider
CEO, SRG Trade Inc.

"As the New Year began, I wanted to plan my 2018 differently. I was not feeling empowered. How can I look at my business with fresh eyes to move ahead with purpose, excitement and know this goal is a done deal. You took the group on a journey where we first dived deep into our personal strengths. Often taken for granted, I can now pinpoint the activities that are easy for me to accomplish and feel free to delegate the rest. The assessments you provided were invaluable. You supported us every step of the way. I never felt judged or criticized. I looked forward to every session. Each homework assignment was thought out and brought me deeper into the material and my business. Your enthusiasm, humor and preparedness allowed me to set a no nonsense clear goal, with the roadmap to make it happen. This was the best investment in time and money. I only wish it lasted longer. "

Rochelle Lisner
Founder, Dynamic Business Growth

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for preparing & giving your "masterclass". I am at a pivotal juncture in my Org. / business, and maintaining the status quo was not an option. but how to move forward, how to grow while maintaining, how to juggle new responsibilities while im overloaded already? I did not even know where to begin finding the answers. Your "pitch" session was like a g-dsend. you promised to address EVERYTHING and boy did you deliver! and only a few hundred dollars?! It's a steal! Of course i couldn't grow... my foundation was nonexistent. Over the past month I have implemented some of what we covered and am confident with constant upkeep on all 6 modules I am already a success. In a word LIFE-CHANGING. Not only the topics but your intimate depth of knowledge on each aspect of what was presented are what made it so impactful. You cannot buy this ANYWHERE you MUST hear it directly from JOE! I strongly recommend, no, URGE anybody that runs their own business or is thinking they ever will, to take this masterclass. it should be a constitutional requirement! With Deep Gratitude,"

Zev Wineberg
Director at Chabad of West Queens

"Before the class, I was working in a variety of directions in order to keep my start-up alive and running. While others expressed that it would not be possible to overcome certain future financial obstacles, this class taught me specific areas of where to prioritize resources. It also taught me the skills necessary to acquire and measure incoming profit in realistic portions that could be efficiently and speedily actualized. Precise scheduling allows for me to reach the goals needed for my company to grow. I also learned that it is exciting to work with a perspective of gratitude, self-actualization, and to focus daily on these matters that create positivity within me, and within my friends, and customers, retailers, caterers, and restaurants that enjoy this product. I will continue to utilize these skills to work on packaging and selling the tens of thousands of cases of the chocolate product needed to supply the vendors, to pay back the start-up costs, to become profitable, and to grow the number of retailers, states, and countries that carry this unique product. I highly recommend that entrepreneurs, business people, employers, and home/life managers take this Goal Setting MasterClass to provide clarity, focus, and reach their life goals with the guidance an upbeat, motivational teacher and coach who has personally succeeded and excelled at this journey. "

Chana Shusterman
Owner & CEO at California Gourmet, LLC

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