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Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 4:00 pm EDT

How to create opportunities with Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has over 830 million members right now and 38% of them are paying to use the platform. An upgrade from LinkedIn premium to Sales Navigator is just a few hundred dollars a year but it gives you some powerful features.

Join our class that will walks you through the benefits of Sales Navigator and how to leverage this powerful prospecting feature.

If you are looking to book meetings with your ideal client, you want to learn about the benefits of Sales Navigator and how to put an action plan into place.

Sales Navigator has generated millions of dollars in revenue using our simple 3 step approach and if you join our workshop you will learn how to prospect with Sales Navigator.

Here are some of the things that you’ll walk away with:

> Understanding lists in Sales Navigator and the difference between leads and accounts.
> The step-by-step process for messaging using InMAIL on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
> How to get people to actually notice you with Sales Navigator.
> Why people often pay for Sales Navigator and fail to get results.
> The best way to use Sales Navigator to stay top of mind with prospects (hint: use alerts!).

Joe Apfelbaum is a LinkedIn Strategist & Certified Google trainer and has been teaching professionals how to grow their business for the past decade. Joe is a professional speaker and a member of the national speakers association. His presentations are engaging, entertaining but also highly educational and inspirational.

If you are serious about generating qualified leads for your business you do not want to miss this opportunity.


July 20 at 4:00 PM EDT

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Your Host

Joe Apfelbaum

Joe Apfelbaum

is the CEO of Ajax Union, an INC 500 ranked, B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, and certified Google trainer.
Joe is the author of a new book High Energy Secrets about how he lost 95 pounds and has more energy than ever.
When he is not Mojovating hungry entrepreneurs at events and on social media, 
he relaxes in Brooklyn with his family.

Joe Apfelbaum is a LinkedIn Strategist & Certified Google trainer and has been teaching professionals how to grow their business for the past decade. Joe is a professional speaker and a member of the national speakers association. His presentations are engaging, entertaining but also highly educational and inspirational.

What people say about our webinars

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Judy Bauer
Luxury Real Estate Broker in NYC

"I was always a naysayer about LinkedIn—thought it was Bogus when I joined 6 years ago, but today you guys lit a fire under me that has truly inspired me to incorporate LinkedIn into my business and life."

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Brent Baxter
Audio-Visual Environments + All Things Low Voltage + Design-Build

"I sat on a webinar today where Joe covered the best approach to using LinkedIn. I found it very valuable.

Post every day and don't be "salesy". Have a human approach when commenting on others posts. I love this as I have a relational approach sales so it is natural for me. Reach out and have one-to-one communication.

The entire webinar was worth my time. Great approach by Joe."

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Tom Watkins
Account Executive at Restaurant365

"Fantastic meeting today with great ENERGY (BOOM!!). I learned several items that I did not know within LinkedIn as well became more familiar with the EO group. My 15 minutes a day will start tomorrow! Thank you!"

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Shira Parnes
Founder of VENTURA

"I met Joe at a tradeshow and he inspired me to take my social selling game more seriously. He was so happy to help answer questions and give quick tips that were actually helpful. If you're feeling drowsy, just join one of his trainings, his energy will wake you right up and get you to take action."

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Lara Hanson
I review your digital presence & give feedback to make things work!

"After attending Joe's recent LinkedIn webinar about expanding my LinkedIn connections, I have a whole list of things to do and great ideas! Joe makes engaging on LinkedIn so doable, and the strategies he gave in the webinar were amazing. If this is the value I received from a free webinar, I cannot wait to take his course! Woohooooooo!"

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Kathy Tonner
Chief Executive Officer at Tonner Technologies

"Joe is an amazing entrepreneur with so much energy! He helped me to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow my business. I highly recommend Joe and all his valuable webinars and coaching sessions."

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Nathilee Caldeira, Ph.D.
Founder of Let’s Talk Psychological Wellness, P.C.

"I highly recommend Joe's workshop 'How To Go From a Lurker to an Influencer in Just a Few Minutes a Day'. Joe is an excellent presenter. He is full of energy and gave our group valuable, practical information that we can implement immediately. We would definitely hire Joe again. He was also super generous with his time which is so critical in the challenging times we are all facing. Thank you, Joe!"

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Raphi Salem
Marketing Expert, Digital Lead Gen Guru, Internet Reputation Management, Growth Strategist

"Joe Apfelbaum is by far, hands down, the best LinkedIn trainer in the industry today. Though I have known Joe for many years, his most recent work through his free webinars and Evyrgreen networking groups has absolutely positively been a step above and beyond the other groups out there.

As for the content, he teaches the spectrum from basic things that everyone should be doing online to advanced techniques that will help you engage, create awareness, and get more leads leading to closed business than ever before. I highly recommend working with Joe, joining his webinars, learning from his teachings, and getting on his radar."

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Cully Duffin
Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Marketer

"Joe is a highly engaging and entertaining webinar presenter and genuinely seems to want to help people get better at networking... also a fairly mediocre rapper (better than me, though)."

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Vicente Romano
Electrical contracting and consultancy services for construction managers & interior designers

"I have attended to different webinars of Joe's and all of them have been truly inspiring!

Joe amazed me with his valuable content. He has taught me so much and I'm really grateful to learn from him. His passion and energy are second to none.

I really appreciate the effort he is doing in these difficult times to help as many people as he can. BOOM πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯"

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Jim Ferme
Founder of BIG β—† Business Development Leader β—† Relationship Builder Serving Business Leaders & Professionals

"I recently attended a webinar with Joe Apfelbaum and he was amazing!! We spent a bunch of time talking about LinkedIn strategies, drinking more water, getting more energy, setting more goals, etc. You have to schedule a phone call or meeting with him to learn more about him and what he does to help people. I highly recommend!!"

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Glo Vrba
Social Media Marketing Consultant at Highbrow Kenosha LLC

"πŸ’₯ BOOM πŸ’₯ The level of engagement and information on the webinar "How to Leverage a Virtual Admin on LinkedIn" was outta this world. Information provided, including the hashtag listing is so valuable. Started receiving the newsletter with signing up for the webinar as well and that info is just as πŸ’₯ Flippin Fantabulous!"

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Lynne Jacob
Helping Men in Business 3x profits in 6 months; 2x business in 1 year; get the FUN back & fall back in love with your business faster & more easily than you'll ever do on your own -- MLJ International.com

"LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool in my business these days and while I've been seeing Joe's webinars I haven't been available for them …until this one today. CONTENT-laden, for sure!!! Whether you're just getting started to monetize LinkedIn or whether you're already enjoying a handsome ROI, he's got steps for you. Thanks, Joe!"

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Frank Morizio, Jr.
Managing Director at Enhanced Funding Solutions | Creator #TipTuesday video series | United States Marine Corps Veteran | 516-321-0298

"Joe's webinars are always tremendously valuable. I always learn quicker ways to do things and more importantly, proven strategies to accelerate my relationship building on LinkedIn. He is incredible. BOOM πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯"

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Mohammed Razib
CEO at Razib Marketing

"Recently had the opportunity to join Joe's LinkedIn webinar for B2B eCommerce, and it was really insightful where I had a few takeaways to implement on my LinkedIn Strategy. I felt motivated and renewed enthusiasm toward LinkedIn engagement. I would recommend this webinar to anyone that is currently just lurking on LinkedIn and doesn't have the blueprint to B2B eCommerce."

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Michael Szpilzinger
ServiceNow certified IT Systems Administrator πŸ–₯ | Men's Health Enthusiast πŸ’ͺ | Ask me how I can help you conquer the weight loss long game and live with more energy!

"Whenever I watch one of Joe's webinars I come away with great takeaways! Just attended the Evyrgreen Networking webinar and now I am ready to engage with my connections in a strategic way."

Placeholder Image
Jason Rieff
Co-Founder @ NOIZD - The NFT music marketplace / Founder/ CEO / Advisor / Speaker πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό

"Joe is most certainly in the top ten most knowledgeable LinkedIn leaders, content creators, and personalities out there."

Placeholder Image
Tapan Shah
| Customer Success | Customer Acquisition | Believe in #Agility πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’» | Business Development | πŸš€Quickscrum.comπŸš€ |

"Joe amazed me by his valuable content and webinar. He has taught me so much and I'm really grateful to learn from him. His passion and energy is off the charts. I really appreciate Joe for his valuable content and webinar. BOOM!"

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Holly Munter Koenig
Executive Vice President, People & Culture

"JUST finished a webinar with Joe teaching a crowd from NY Society of Association Executives all about the benefits of becoming active on LinkedIn. WOW! There were so many takeaways. Not only was Joe an amazingly energetic speaker, he was able to present slides, respond to questions in the chat and interact with all the attendees at the same time.

I THOUGHT I knew about LinkedIn before this workshop, but now I feel like I know so much more. He also motivated me to get on every day, write an article and interact with my connections. Thank you Joe for taking the time to be with us this afternoon. I learned SO MUCH but you were also so entertaining. Thank you!"

Placeholder Image
Ryan Rhoten
Building brands to be the obvious choice in their market

"Joe's knowledge of LinkdeIn is simply unmatched. He is very generous and always willing to educate and serve. I highly recommend his webinars, they are full of actionable tips you can implement immediately to grow and scale your business. Thanks for sharin' and carin' Joe. Boom!"

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Jenna Muscarello
Customer Success Manager at Melio

"Huge thanks to Joe for hosting our WeWork LinkedIn Webinar today! Although we've lost the physical element of community since COVID-19 struck, we're working hard to keep it alive by using our virtual resources. We were so thankful that Joe offered to host this event for our community.

Joe provided valuable advice on how we could use our virtual resources and online visibility to stay current and grow business during these unprecedented times. He answered our viewers' questions about their own personal LinkedIn profiles and gave us quick tips on how we could effectively build relationships. As informative as it was, Joe kept it fun and light-hearted. There was lots of viewer interaction and positivity cultivated. I would highly recommend his webinars. Thanks again, Joe!"

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Anthony English
I help Rachels manage impostor syndrome | Dad of 7 | Host of Impostor Syndrome Podcast

"The term "influencer" is bandied around a lot, but in Joe's case, he deserves it. You feel he remembers you personally. I attended one of his webinars on LinkedIn engagement and it was better value than visiting a theme park. He was amazing and I felt the webinar was just for me."

Placeholder Image
pauL 'the Alien' Piper
explorer of people and their environment

"Joe's webinar "The Most Amazing LinkedIn Asset Library & Content Calendar Top Influencers Use" was probably the single free event where I got the most value out of ever.

He is amazingly organized and transferred a huge amount of knowledge in a very understandable way. I ended up having two pages of highly valuable tips and notes from this single webinar which perfectly fit into my strategy. His way to engage and sell is on expert level.

Highly recommend everyone who struggles with "Brandin', Buildin' & Boomin'" on LinkedIn to join his program!"

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Azi Rosenblum
☁ Virtual Administrative & Bookkeeping ☁ For Solo/Small Business Owners who have more tasks than time!

"I just concluded a free webinar with Joe Apfelbaum. Lot's to say on the subject of LinkedIn but one thing remains true in all areas of sales - PROCESS IS KING.

If for no other reason, join a webinar to get that message up in your face!

Joe is an energy ball and pumping out a whole bunch of energy and motivation all day long, but the part you need to see most is the purposeful, organized, strategic and methodical OLD SCHOOL SALES PROCESS that drives it all!

The more sales changes, the more it stays the same.

#consistencyiskey and that is my big takeaway today.

Thanks Joe!"

Placeholder Image
Desi Tahiraj
High-Performance Executives Trainer | Human Resources Consultant for Universities and Governmental Agencies | Burnout Expert | Author | Podcast Host | International Speaker

"Joe's knowledge of LinkdeIn is simply phenomenal. He is very generous and always willing to educate and serve. I highly recommend his webinars, they are full of actionable tips you can implement immediately to grow and scale your business. I highly recommend it if you're looking for cutting edge, free LinkedIn strategy and tactics. Also recommended if you want to learn more about his Evyrgreen Networking program. Thanks for sharin' and carin' Joe. You are a gem!"