Fastest Way to Get Referrals from LinkedIn Connections


The average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn and most of them are just hoarding connections; but the goal of LinkedIn is to NETWORK not LURK. So instead of just waiting for referrals, how do you get people who do not know you to start sending you referrals? Join this webinar with Joe Apfelbaum as he teaches you exactly how to make yourself referable on LinkedIn.

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What You'll Learn:

✔️ How to get referrals from people who do not know you yet.
✔️ The secret to getting people to remember you when the time is right.
✔️ Understanding how to educate your ideal target partner.
✔️ The surefire way to make it super EASY to present yourself as referable.
Duration: 1 hour 

Value Added: TONS!

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