How to Master your Influence on LinkedIn

evyrgreen Jul 13, 2019

I used to think that the words I used didn't matter, the meaning mattered! Then I struggled for years trying to get people to understand me. I never felt truly heard or understood because I could not convey the meaning I intended.

I HATE to admit that I was wrong, because I really never am, but I begrudgingly realized that words are how you convey meaning (obviously), and therefore words DO matter!

Cut to today: I'm in the shower, where inspiration usually strikes, and I was struck with inspiration to immediately remake our tagline and marketing pyramid for Social Sellin'.

You see, when Joe created the tagline, I believe he did so hastily. We had to get launched, and get going, and we needed something to get us started. So we started with this:

"Learn how to go from an Order Taker to a Rainmaker on LinkedIn in 15 min per day"

I HATED IT! I never ever liked it. First of all, what the heck is an order taker, anyway?! Secondly, this is not at all what we are teaching!

But did I have...

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