Tip Tuesday - Why is it important to post on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Sep 14, 2021

There are a lot of reasons, but number one is to stay top of mind and show your network that you're an authority in your industry.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the Greeting, Feeding, and Meeting Method?

tip tuesday Sep 14, 2021

If you use LinkedIn to generate leads and referrals for your business, then what is your direct messaging strategy? We follow the greeting, feeding and meeting method of direct messaging.

First, you greet your connections. Once they are responding to your greeting messages, then you can move onto the feeding stage where you feed them messages that matter to them. The feeding stage is building a genuine relationship with your network on LinkedIn before you get to the meeting stage which is where you ask them to hop on a phone call to discuss how you might be able to add value to their life.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the LinkedIn profile name pronunciation feature?

tip tuesday Sep 07, 2021

On the LinkedIn app on your phone, click on the icon on the upper left-hand side, click View Profile. LinkedIn now has the option to add pronunciation of your name to your identity, which we call your name, your headline, your photo, your background photo on LinkedIn. You can pronounce your name.

They give you 10 seconds for this, so it takes you only one second to say your name, so you have nine seconds to say something else, add more to your summary, add some flair in there. Tell people to read the About Me section. Tell them to contact you, et cetera.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the difference between posting in groups and the feed?

tip tuesday Aug 31, 2021

LinkedIn isn't really promoting groups anymore, so if you post only in groups, you will get little to no engagement. Make sure you make a post on your LinkedIn feed and then share it inside the group.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the most effective thing to do on LinkedIn to get the best ROI?

tip tuesday Aug 24, 2021

Before you make a LinkedIn plan, you need to ask what is the ROI that you want? What is your goal? Once you know your plan and the exact ROI that you want, then you can start being proactive on LinkedIn.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the difference between a LinkedIn article and a LinkedIn post?

tip tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Although articles don't have as much reach as posts on LinkedIn, they're a really important way to go deeper with your audience.

You can also proactively share the article with people in your network.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the benefit of Posting on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Aug 10, 2021

It's not enough to just have a lot of connections on LinkedIn. If you want to generate revenue and grow your business, it's important to post everyday to stay top of mind.

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Tip Tuesday - What is considered good engagement on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Aug 03, 2021

The best way to understand if you're getting good engagement on your LinkedIn posts is to look at the ratio of number of views to the number of comments; that way you have a better idea of how engaged people rather than an idea of how many people may have seen the post.

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Tip Tuesday - Is there a general structure for LinkedIn posts?

tip tuesday Jul 27, 2021

Is there a general structure to a LinkedIn post? If you want your post to get a little more exposure, make sure you start with a hook at the beginning of your post to get people excited.

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Tip Tuesday - How can I get more profile views on my LinkedIn profile?

tip tuesday Jul 20, 2021

Want more views on your profile? The first step is to like, comment, and engage on people's posts and they will be more likely to view your profile!

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