Tip Tuesday - Is it worth using LinkedIn if I know my ideal client is not on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Oct 01, 2019

It's still worth using LinkedIn even if you know for a fact that your ideal client is not on LinkedIn because the people that are on LinkedIn know your ideal client off LinkedIn. You see, the purpose of LinkedIn is not to sell to your ideal client, but it's to build a relationship with people that actually know your ideal clients. So if you have a network of 200, 300, 500, 1000 people that know you, like you and trust you, chances are, those people have an offline relationship with your ideal target market.

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Tip Tuesday - Is there a difference in exposure when posting using an app vs organic?

tip tuesday Sep 24, 2019

Some people say that there is a difference in terms of exposure when you're using tools. I haven't seen a difference.

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Tip Tuesday - Should I use automation software on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Sep 17, 2019
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Tip Tuesday - Why should I customize my URL on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Sep 10, 2019

It's important to customize your URL on LinkedIn is because you wanna have a URL that's clean and elegant and shows that you actually customized it. 

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Tip Tuesday - Who should I accept as a connection on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Sep 03, 2019

1. Somebody that you already know

2. Somebody that you'd like to get to know

3. Somebody that you can possibly do business with, or can refer business to you.

4. Somebody who mentioned that they are a fan of your content. 

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Tip Tuesday - What is the most important part of your profile on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Aug 27, 2019

Three most important things:

  1. Photo
  2. Name
  3. Headline
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Tip Tuesday - What is the first message I should send to a new connection on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Aug 20, 2019

The first thing that I like to do when I connect with somebody is say thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn. So, even before he connected with me on LinkedIn, my connection request message was, thanks for checking out my profile, would love to get to know you, let's connect on LinkedIn. Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn. And it's just gratitude, right, you're just greeting the person.

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Tip Tuesday - What is the best time of day to post on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Aug 13, 2019

Well, there are influencers out there that say that the best time of day to post on LinkedIn is 8:30 a.m. Eastern time to 9:30 a.m. Eastern time and that's if you're targeting CEOs and executives. If you're targeting people that are more marketing managers or more mid-level managers, I would say during lunchtime.

I say the best time to post on LinkedIn is whenever you can. Post whenever you're looking at LinkedIn. If you're on LinkedIn, post. Just do it whenever, I don't care if it's 3 a.m. on Sunday, post.


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Tip Tuesday - What elements should I include in my headline on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Aug 06, 2019

When you're thinking about your headline on LinkedIn, it's specifically under your name over here, I like including my title, the company that I work for, the most important keyword, basically what we do, and other things that you want people to find you for.

For example, I wanna help hungry entrepreneurs go from frustration to motivation, and I also like including some emojis to really stand out.

The headline should be your title, your company, what your company does, who your company does it for, done, that's it. You don't have a lot of characters to play with in your headline.


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Tip Tuesday - What do I do if someone harasses me on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Jul 30, 2019

I get harassed all the time on LinkedIn and there are just trolls. There are people that are trolls. The way that they harass me on LinkedIn is by leaving negative comments on my posts and I really, really, really don't like it. So, I heard an Influencer say that he basically just deletes the comment. He doesn't even engage with them because what they're looking for is attention. That's what they're looking for. So, I think that that's a fine thing to do. I think it's OK to delete a negative comment. I also like blocking a person. So, for example, this guy Robert Stern said something that's super negative, I will click More and then I will just simply either remove the connection or I will block them so I don't see them ever again. Once in a while, you see people that are harassing you, it's OK to block someone on LinkedIn.


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