Tip Tuesday - Why is posting daily on LinkedIn important?

tip tuesday Apr 16, 2019

 Why is it important to stay top of mind with people?

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Tip Tuesday - Are your posts and comments on LinkedIn searchable by google?

tip tuesday Apr 09, 2019

How does my activity on LinkedIn show up on the rest of the internet, namely Google, Bing, Yahoo searches?

When people are searching for me how public is my activity on LinkedIn? My likes, my comments, my engagement?

What about things that I'm liking and commenting on?


Is there any way to make your articles private LinkedIn doing only? For some reason if anyone wants to do that?


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Tip Tuesday - When should we use the POST format versus the ARTICLE format on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Apr 02, 2019

What is the difference between a post and an article on LinkedIn?

Why then would I ever write an article? No one ever sees it, unless I share it as a post. Why don't I just write a bunch of posts?


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What can a Virtual Admin do for you on LinkedIn?

virtual admin Mar 10, 2019

We are all limited on time. If you want to get more done, you must rely on other people to help you.

When I explored the most common self-limiting beliefs that small business owners had around growing their business and what was stopping them, I found three beliefs.

I talk about this when I give my talk on the seven stages to seven figures.

One of those self-limiting beliefs is around TRUST.

We want a guarantee that things will go a certain way but trust is not a guarantee. Trust means that you realize that something might go wrong, yet you trust that people or systems will do their best to do what was promised.

You either have trust in someone or in a system, or you do not have trust.  

The best way to trust people is to give them things that they will excel at with minimal error.

When I was thinking of what I can give my virtual admins to help me on LinkedIn, I realized that creating content was NOT one of them.

Why? Because no one can really capture your voice....

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LinkedIn Influencer Summit 2019 Takeaways - Organic Reach Hacks on LinkedIn

What happens when you put 8 major Linkedin Influencers on a 3-hour webinar and 500 people sign up to watch? You get MASSIVE VALUE!

Yesterday, Jan 15th, 2019, we had a fabulous Virtual event with some incredible experts on how to leverage the organic reach on LinkedIn. We covered some pretty advanced stuff like how to make videos go viral, how to be authentic, how to play with the algorithm - and different people had different approaches.

Here are a few tips from each person; please leave your notes in the comments and I will add them to this document so we can all enjoy.

Follow the hashtag #InfluencerSummit2019 to see what people are saying!

First, we had Dennis Brown he gave us his 9 steps to success. Here are some takeaways.

  • Post relevant content and STOP using auto-posting tools.
  • 80% of your content should have nothing to do with your business but instead can be about what people are interested in.
  • Only 20% of your content should be about your own business...
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